Gefen Gallery

El Espiral de la Esperanza

The Museum of Memory and Tolerance, Mexico City

The Museum of Memory and Tolerance was founded in 2010 in Mexico City as a non-profit organization that is dedicated to disseminating the importance of tolerance, non-violence and human rights through its exhibitions and activities. As part of this agenda, Joel Amit in collaboration with Ariel Armoni have created a 3D installation made of thousands butterflies suspended above visitors’ heads. El Espiral de la Esperanza stands for the hope that is always present even at times of great fear and insecurity. Joel drew inspiration for the piece from a wishing well, which holds the wishes of many people. It is a magical space of optimism and hope. A wishing well is also a source of water, the element that drives life. The work draws the eye along the butterfly-spiral to the top and by doing so it aspires to create a sense of elevation, strength and optimism.