Gefen Gallery


“Where timeless tradition meets the innovative spirit of contemporary art”

Gefen Gallery, established in 2012 in the historical district of Mamila Rd. in Jerusalem, Home to unique Israeli artistry and innovation.

Our focus is on contemporary Israeli art, and we are proud to represent selected artists. These artists have marked their individual creative journeys with innovation, subsequently earning recognition on an international platform.

We represent Israeli artists who work in new, innovative modern art techniques like 3D laser cut pixel art, lacquer over bronze sculptures, art of shadows, ancient Asian technique of lacquer over aluminum and much more. Each piece of art is unique, created as a one-of-a-kind, made-to-order work. The creative process involves dozens of steps, small elements coming together to form a complete picture. The sizes vary, as do the angles and colors, making each piece distinct from the others.

Our Hub encompasses the gallery, showroom, studio, painting rooms, warehouse, and delivery center. Everything happens from start to finish within this vibrant space. The artists, assistants, gallery staff, and warehouse managers all work together towards a single goal: To create the next masterpiece.

We specialize in supporting and producing artists, from establishing and funding a studio, through media publicity and promotion, to representation and marketing both domestically and globally. Gefen Gallery is unique in its kind worldwide. It not merely represents artists but also provides them a home. It offers them 360-degree support and accompaniment, allowing artists to focus 100% on their creations on one hand, and on the other, it generates a distinctive and engaging space that combines work and exhibition.

We believe in endless creativity, working for years with our artists, clients, and galleries around the world.  Successive generations of our family continue to create and disseminate art across the globe.  Our art can be found in galleries, exhibitions, museums, urban spaces, and private collections on every continent. 

Everything is meticulously handcrafted at our Creation Hub, ensuring the utmost quality and attention to detail in each piece we produce.